Howard’s Ultimate Bow Vise

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Howard’s Ultimate Bow Vise is a must-have tool for any archery enthusiast or bow shop. This durable and versatile vise is designed to make your bow maintenance and upgrades easier.

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  • Durable metal construction for a lifetime of use
  • Telescopes vertically, allows you to position your bow at the perfect height
  • Adjusts easily and firmly, securely holds your bow handle
  • Pivots, spins and tilts to any position for ergonomic use
  • Includes counterbalance adjusting shaft with stabilizer mount
  • Comes with a bench mounting fixture and also can be quickly mounted to our Bow Press
  • Can also be easily mobile, using our Pedestals or Quick Hitch Mount Assembly
  • Made in the USA

We are about two – three weeks out to ship.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 6 in

Total Vise


Total Vise

4 reviews for Howard’s Ultimate Bow Vise

  1. Michael Lorentz

    Works very well and is extremely versatile 5 Stars

  2. Stephen K Boggs

    I really like this vise I have used others but they dont really give me the stability this one does nor the ease of balancing plum and square.

  3. Ryan Harper

    Very impressed with the quality of materials that were used for these tools as well how thought out the design of each piece. we love how everything is interchangeable with each other. i would recomend this set up to everybody.

  4. Turner


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