How the Total Vice System Revolutionized My Instrument Repair Workshop

April 16, 2024
Jeff Howard

I’m Luke Heaton I own Whittlesticks and I’ve been doing instrument repair for 20+ years. I purchased the Total Vice system about five months ago and it has become my favorite workstation that I’ve ever owned. I like the Proper guitar workstation system because it’s versatility, you’re only limited by your imagination. I am now currently putting everything from stand-up bases cello guitars banjos mandolins, everything into the same station.

You can orient it in any given way, and manipulate it in directions that you never could before in any other holding system, and with the addition of the short workstation, it is now much easier to work on violins, violas, and ukulele’s. You can hold down the instruments and not have to worry about it wandering away while you’re trying to clamp or do work on it. The quality of the Total Vice system is top-notch well worth the money that you’ll spend on it. This is definitely a lifetime purchase. The only reason you’ll buy a second one is because you to work on a second instrument at a time.

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