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Transform your instrument finishing with the Luthier Finishing Station from Total Vise. Designed for the dedicated craftsman, this station brings precision and ease to guitar finishing project.

Appreciated design support from Beau Hannam- Beau Hannam Guitars


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Welcome to the next level of luthiery with the Total Vise Luthier Finishing Station. This isn’t just any finishing station; it’s a craftsman’s dream. With features designed to enhance every aspect of your finishing process, you’ll achieve flawless results every time.

The station’s design ensures stability and spaciousness, providing enough room for working on different instruments. You can adjust it to the ideal angle and height for each project. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to smooth, even finishes that make every instrument shine.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable Design: Customize the station to fit your unique workflow and project needs. Fits all sizes of acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele’s and more
  • Sturdy Construction: High quality build makes for stable work surface that can handle the rigors of detailed work
  • Built For Any Work space: Designed for the solo luthier or production shops
  • Precision Finishing: Achieve smooth, even finishes with a design that caters to meticulous detailing. Perfect for clear coats and any color work, especially sunbursting
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Work for hours without strain thanks to the user-focused design
  • Wheel Based Design: The wheel allows you to spin the guitar body in any position for working and finishing
  • Mobile Base: Four quality locking castors  for ease of floor movement
  • Adjustable Height: There are two adjustable telescoping tubes for height adjustments
  • Rubber Facing: Mounting points are rubber coated to protect your guitar bodies
  • Easy Adjustments: Comfort built locking handles allow for easy adjustments
  • Acoustic & Solid Body: Included are mounting attachment for both acoustic and solid body guitars
  • Made in the USA: Built in the USA and made to last a lifetime

Transform your instrument finishing with the Luthier Finishing Station from Total Vise. Designed for the dedicated craftsman, this station brings precision and ease to guitar finishing project. If you would like 2 of the acoustic mounting attachments or 2 of the solid body mounting attachments instead of 1 of each. Please put your choice in the comment section.

Appreciated design support from Beau Hannam- Beau Hannam Guitars.

We are about three -four  weeks out to ship.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 7 in

Total Vise


Total Vise

2 reviews for Luthier Finishing Station Package

  1. Roger Sadowsky (verified owner)

    Total Vise Luthier’s products are making a huge contribution to the workday of guitarmakers and repair persons. My most recent acquisition is the Total Vise Finishing Station. It has made it so much easier for me to hold my acoustic and electric bodies and necks, as well as entire instruments during finishing, touch-ups, and curing. Jeff is really great at taking input from the community to develop and improve his products. Highly recommeded.

  2. Beau Hannam

    I can honestly say that with this finishing station i’ve been spraying the easiest burst I’ve ever sprayed in 20 years. I can now keep the gun exactly where I want & a have a nice 5” fan & didn’t have to contort either the guitar, the gun, or my body in strange ways- I simply stood up straight & let the Finishing Station do all the work of manipulating the guitar exactly where I wanted it/where it needed to be.
    🎸The alternative which I’ve been doing for 20 years is to either put the gun into a round spray configuration (ie not a fan) & spray from the inside out to get the color fade &/or use a fan & hold the guitar body & twist it left, right, & upside down- I always found that very fatiguing , even 20 years ago!
    Being able to not only spray in the vertical position and spin it but also to be able to lay the guitar body flat and spin it (like a lazy Susan) means applying a totally flat final coat with retarder thinners to the top & back is super easy. Spray & let it dry for maximum flat surface which equates to less finial sanding- ie instead of started at P600, you can start at perhaps P1500!
    The Luthiers Finishing Station was designed by luthiers (myself with major suggestions by the always amazing Doug proper of the Proper Work Station- which i also highly recommend) for luthiers & I think we hit a home run with this. (After about 10 versions hand made by Jeff Howard.
    This product is Hand made in America by Jeff himself & for $450 I think it is an absolute bargain for all clear coats & color work.
    PS- I get no $ from any sales/referrals. As I designed it I got this finished prototype free & that’s it. Jeff made my dream finishing station & now I just want you to know it exists cuz I think it will make you as happy spraying as it does me 😊

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