Guitar Repair Vise Station (#7)

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Due to high demand we are 2-3 weeks out to ship.

The Guitar Repair Vise Station is a must-have for any guitar enthusiast or luthier professional. It securely holds your instrument for easy and efficient repairs.

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  • This package includes our #7 Guitar Vise and our Quick Docking Station
  • This vise works with our Crossover System, Pedestal, and our other base stations
  • Made from durable and long-lasting materials, ensuring stability and longevity
  • Ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure hold for your instrument, making repairs easier and more efficient
  • Features adjustable jaws to accommodate a variety of guitar sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit every time
  • Ideal for a wide range of guitar repairs, including fretwork, neck adjustments, and hardware maintenance.
  • A versatile multi-pivoting design
  • Vise head plates are 7″ x 2 1/8
  • Opens from 0″ to 6″
  • Pivoting front head to accept tapered material (guitar neck)
  • Tapered jaws surfaced with 1/8″ urethane rubber
  • The Vise also will spin and lock at any point
  • Made in the USA

Due to high demand we are about 3 -4  weeks out to ship

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in

Total Vise


Total Vise

10 reviews for Guitar Repair Vise Station (#7)

  1. Thomas Case

    I cannot say enough good things about Jeff and his team at Howard’s Total Vise. I was in the market for some kind of specialty vise to hold guitar pieces while I build them. Doug at @guitarspecialistsinc convinced me that I should not consider any other options. I called Jeff and he spent a lot of time listening to what my needs are. Then he suggest a couple of solutions. I trusted him and man was he spot on! This has been a game changer for me. I am able to cut many hours from my builds and my work is held in place until I want to move it. I can see a new use every time I am going through a new build, and it brings back a lot of joy to my craft. Do not hesitate if you are a serious builder to give Jeff a call. These products are built for a lifetime of work in the USA and are top quality.

  2. Joe G.

    Westmoreland String Workshop Working in the world of guitar repair for over two decades, I have seen many advancements in the tools, jigs and general equipment in the field. But Total Vise stands and vises have taken these advancements to another level! If you have a small shop, Total Vise equipment is a game changer. Not fretting, no problem, just pop the neck jig out of the stand and hang it on the wall. You now have an open stand to place another jig into, meaning you have a NEW workstation (NO other stand can do that). If you a large shop (first off….you’re lucky) Total Vise will transform your work areas. I do feel Total Vise equipment will soon be in all the major guitar repair shops. The quality the products are the best with some superior customer service-that’s a great combination!!!!

  3. Tina Lyons

    Christmas gift for my hubby. He builds custom guitars. He says it is the most amazing vise he’s ever had. Thank you!

  4. Dave Williams

    I am very happy with the vice. It is just what I was hoping for. Well made, turns and rotate just the way I wanted. Thanks again. Dave

  5. Harley Tatum

    Very nicely fabricated could not find a rough edge that would risk damage to equipment. Every hinge glides easily and locks strongly in place. Adjustable durable and pretty versatile vise. I like it a lot. Only suggestion would be to double box during shipping, UPS was able to ding it up some but nothing serious.

  6. Alan Pachter

    This vise system has been revolutionary for my shop. Saves time and aggravation and allows for the work to get done to the highest quality possible because no angle is impossible to achieve.

  7. Andy Scherrer

    Exceptional utility and build quality.

  8. Timothy Young

    After several months of use in the shop, I’ve found this tool to be one of the best purchases I could have made. The guitar comes to me now, not I to it. The amount of movement is remarkable. It’s one of those tools that makes me think, “how did I do it before?!”

  9. Steve Hogue

    Love it, Thank you. Steve Hogue

  10. Ray A. (verified owner)

    Amazingly versatile and secure vise.

    Also, I coated a piece of test wood with Watco nitrocellulose and clamped in the vise 15 hours after the nitro was applied to see if there would be any reaction with the rubber on the vise surfaces. After 12 hours of clamp time, the nitro was as clean as it went in. Beautiful!

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