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Introducing the Legacy Bow Press from Total Vise – the ultimate solution for bow maintenance. We have designed our easy-to-use, high-quality press to meet the needs of both professional archers and hobbyists.

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We’ve created an archer’s bow press that presses, draws, and pivots to position the bow for complete accessibility. While it’s versatile for many needs, its mechanism allows you to set it up for everyday use at home or in your pro shop. With the Legacy Bow Press, you can effortlessly maintain and adjust your equipment for improved performance and accuracy.

  • Works with crossbows and compound bows
  • The Safest, most versatile bow press on the market
  • Our archery press comes with a bench mounting support base, an integrated draw system, and string & bow support, allowing you to begin right away
  • Holds and draws bows in a higher work position designed for convenience
  • Set of four fingers to press both standard and beyond parallel bows.
  • Versatile design, compatible with a wide range of bow models, including Mathews Bows
  • Additional crossbow limb supports for newer, narrower bows are sold separately
  • The spin and lock positioning pivots the system out of the way to enhance shop safety and home storage
  • The rubber belt material on the fingers allows you to adjust the finger positioning easily
  • Built to be used with our Crossover System, which allows it to be used with our crossover vise, pedestals, and track systems
  • Durable and robust construction for long-lasting use
  • Built in the USA

We are 3-4 weeks out to ship.

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Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 6 in

Total Vise


Total Vise

5 reviews for Legacy Bow Press

  1. Ray Hickman

    This is a great bow press. very safe and easy to use.The fingers on this press is very safe and easy to use.comes with everything you need, and draw board is included.

  2. Matt Stark

    I’ve used a lot of bow presses, vises, and draw boards over the past 40 years. Not one of the can ever come close to the durability, easy of use or safety as the Howard’s Total Vise line of archery products.

  3. Donald Deshaies

    Had the bow vice shipped to my home address but I’m on vacation in Florida and will give feed back as soon as I return from vacation

  4. Lee (verified owner)

    The most nicest people I have ever spoken to in the phone. This vise is not probably or even close good. The vise ( is the best combination of everything needed to make a bow shop run smoothly. If anyone is thinking about buying one. Quit thinking and order it. You will not be disappointed
    Lee @ Tri-state archery&outfitters

  5. George Santana (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying that Anne and Jeff are two of the most wonderful people you will ever encounter.

    I’ve been looking into purchasing a bow press since around Christmas of 2023 and pulled the trigger on the TotalVise legacy bow press and Axis Knuckle Union in February of 2024.

    Prior to ordering the press, I had been going back and forth with Jeff asking all sorts of questions and Jeff didn’t hesitate to answer them.

    What I like most about the press, aside from the unmatched customer service, is its compact form factor. I have a small 10’ x 10’ bedroom that I use as my office / archery room and the press fits perfectly. I have the press mounted to the front right of a 2’ x 4’ desk surface with motorized legs that enable me to rase and lower the desk surface to a comfortable height. Whether I choose to sit or stand when working with my bows, I always have a comfortable height to work at. When I need the desk surface to work on something other than the bows, I just swing the press off to one side, and I’m free to use the desk surface and when I need to press a bow I swing it back around.

    The versatility is unmatched!

    Thank you Jeff and Anne for an exceptional product,
    George Santana of New Jersey

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